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St. Luke Preschool is blessed to have the faithful support of many preschool families, church members, faculty, staff and community members.  While our families pay tuition, that doesn't always cover the needs of the school.  The school also relies on the following additional sources:

  • fundraisers/special eventsFriend 3
  • t-shirt sales
  • "Fantastic Friday" participation
  • school pictures

Other ways you can show your support of St. Luke Preschool include:

  • Publix Partners
    • Contact the school office for your free Publix Partners card.
    • Show it every time you shop and St. Luke Preschool benefits!
  • Attend a field trip with our Pre-K students.
  • Volunteer your time.
    • Harvest Party
    • Field Day
    • Other special events throughout the year
  • Sign up with your child's teacher to bring a special snack to the class.
  • Share a talent.
    • Bring a craft to assemble.dress-up
    • Teach a song.
    • Introduce a dance.
    • Bring a community helper to speak.
    • Dress up as a storybook character and read to a class.